waste water treatment and solar energy conversion

Understanding the nature of effluent is fundamental to design appropriate waste water treatment technologies. At present, the attention of most industries is towards environmentally comfortable waste management systems that can provide: better, faster, cleaner and cost-effective method of treating effluent. To achieve this, biological treatment processes that uses "life machine" are found to be appropriate. This book, therefore, provides scientific methodology that enables to develop bio-processes to treat effluents of Malt, Brewery and other related factories. During the development of biological treatment process, samples were taken at different stages of production process. Characterization of quality and quantity of periodically taken waste water samples were made to design appropriate treatment options. General evaluation of anoxic and aerobic lab-scale bio-process waste water treatment plant indicated that the effluent released from Malt factory is liquid enough to meet discharge limits. Adjacent to end of pipe treatment, incorporating physical screening and reducing waste at each step of the production process significantly reduces the amount of waste requiring treatment.

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