performance assessment of cogeneration power plant at saukem limited

This research present the information and performance strategies for improvement the performance of thermal power plant .the performance of a coal thermal power plant measured in terms of Availability, Reliability, Boiler Efficiency, Cost of power, Impact on Environment, Safety operation and maintenance, Resource Utilization and Environment safety and protection. For achieving excellence in the performance of thermal power plant there should be proper and efficient operation and maintenance process because unplanned downtime will be result in lost of electricity generation, efficiency and overall performance of power plant. So the thermal power station facing the major challenges to reduce the downtime and also reduce the operation and maintenance cost per MWh of output. So, in order to improve the performance of power plant sometimes overlook the need to established planned ways of prioritizing action for the improvement, developing the best practices in power plant, facilitating the experience sharing, Comparing the performance against those achieved using improvement strategy. The basic objectives of this project are to identify the best operating parameters for power plant.

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