lost the hundred mile an hour dog

Eachine Lost Alarm Buzzer Module Supports PWM PPM SBUS For RC Multirotors Description: Brand: Eachine Item name: Lost Alarm Module Voltage range of external power supply: 5.2~25.2V DC, 2~6 Cells LiPo Supports PWM PPM and SBUS. Alarm Module can work for 3-4 hours even after LiPo dies. Usage: for RC Multirotor Instructions: Power on: Press the power button, makes a "Be" sound, module is now powered on. Shut down: (1) without external power supply (external battery voltage 3 seconds. (2) If the module is not connected to an external battery, and never accesses the boot, after a normal receiver signal, the module will automatically shut down after 3 minutes. If the external battery or receiver signal lines are not normal, access (one of them) in the power on state, the power lights will blink at a 2 second frequency, on for 1 second, off for 1 second. ---. This indicates a cable is improperly connected. Tracking Function: SEN terminal is connected to the receiver's correct throttle channel, and the transmitter is also connected; rapid throttle fluctuations at this time will trigger an alarm. The buzzer will sound six "BeBeBeBeBeBe" accompanied by flashing red lights. This feature requires that the receiver must have a signal. User initiated/triggered alarm. Runaway alarm: If the alarm function is passive, in an energized state or the battery powers off, after a crash, the following situations will automatically trigger the alarm: Quad power off, the alarm is triggered after a minute If the transmitter turns off and does not turn on within one minute or if the receiver does not receive a signal, this will trigger an alarm. When the transmitter is powered on, and the module does not detect the joystick within three minutes, or there are no signal changes: will trigger the alarm. Alarm will sound a sustained "BeBe ... BeBe ... BeBe ..." and accompanied by red LED flashes. When the alarm is triggered, any signal changes to the receiver will stop the alarm from sounding. Once initiated, the runaway alarm will continue to sound, even if it is not connected to an external battery. The power saving mode: Connecting the module to an external power will automatically charge the internal battery. The module is fully charged when: battery voltage> 4.1V) Time: 60-120min. If the module is without an external power, and the internal battery> 4.12V, loss alarm can continue to alarm for more than 1 hour, Note: If connected to an external power, it is normal for the board to heat up. This phenomenon is normal when the internal battery is charging. Package included: 1 x Lost Alarm Module

The Detective Dog

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