7908 l7908 l7908cv to 220 8v

Model 3502054 Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Grey + Green Material ABS Housing Function TMS374 ECU Decoder / frequency sweeper with 5V square wave output generating the pulses Other Features The sweeper should work with the following ECUs: Renault SIEMENS Fenix 3 and 5; Renault Megane 1400cc 8v; Renault Megane 1600cc 8v; Renault Megane 2000cc 8v; Renault Megane 2000cc 16v; Renault Megane Scenic 1400cc 8v; Renault Megane Scenic 1600cc 8v; Renault Megane Scenic 2000cc 8v; Renault Sefrane 2000cc 16v; Renault Laguna 2000cc 8v; Renault Laguna 2000cc 16v; Renault Espace 2000cc 8v; Renault SAGEM SAFIR 1 and 2; Renault Clio 1200cc 8v; Renault Clio 1400cc 8v; Renault Clio 1600cc 8v; Renault Clio 2000cc 16v; Williams; Renault Laguna 1800cc 8v; Renault Laguna 2000cc 8v; Renault Laguna 1800cc 16v; Renault Laguna 2000cc 16v; Renault Twingo 1200cc 8v; Sagem SL96 Psa; Peugeot 306 1400cc 8v; Peugeot 306 1600cc 16v; Peugeot 306 1800 16v; Peugeot Ranch 1400 8v; Citroen Berlingo 1400cc 8v; Citroen Xrara 1400cc 8v; Citroen Xrara 1800cc 16v; DAEWOO SIEMENSDaewoo Matiz 800cc; HYUNDAI SIEMENS; Hyundai Coupe 1600cc 16v; Hyundai Coupe 2000cc 16v; KIA SIEMENS; Kia Rio 1300 16v; Kia Rio 1500 16v; MAGNETI MARELLI; 1AP20 1AP40 1AP41 1AP43 1AP80 1AP81 1AP83 1AP90; Citroen Berlingo 1800cc 8v; Citroen Saxo 1400cc 8v; Citroen Saxo 1600cc 16v; Citroen Xara 1400cc 8v; Citroen Xara 1800cc 8v; Citroen Xara 2000cc 16v; Citroen ZX 1400cc 8v; Peugeot 106 1400cc 8v; Peugeot 106 1600cc 8v; Peugeot 106 1600cc 16v; Peugeot 206 1100cc 8v; Peugeot 206 1400cc 8v; Peugeot 306 1400cc 8v; Peugeot 306 1600cc 8v; Peugeot 306 1800cc 8v; Peugeot 405 1800cc 8v; Peugeot 406 1800cc 8v; Peugeot Partner 1800 8v NOTE: If reset pin is connected to ground then it must be lifted or the track cut before decoding. This can be re-attached after decoding the ecu. As a rule of thumb keep the power connected to the ECU for a futher five minutes after the decoder has completed the decoding process Packing List 1 x Decoder

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